Built for Advisors

We built Fidelis Fiduciary Management with the real-world needs of advisors in mind.

As a retirement plan advisor, your response to your clients’ need for fiduciary support is critical. You may prefer not to share the risks and responsibilities of the fiduciary role with your clients. Or you may be constrained from doing so by factors you can’t control – like the rules of your broker/dealer or RIA or your insurance coverage. Either way, you need a solution that works for your clients, and that respects your position as plan advisor.

Fidelis Fiduciary Management does both. You get simplicity and independence; your clients get service that is responsive and customized to their needs.

3(21) or 3(38)?

Fidelis Fiduciary Management can serve as an ERISA 3(21) fiduciary advisor or 3(38) investment manager, depending on your needs and those of your client.

As a 3(21) fiduciary, Fidelis can recommend one specific plan-level investment menu or prepare multiple lineup options for you and your client to consider. In this capacity, we make recommendations, and the plan sponsor makes the final decision.

When we act as a 3(38) investment manager, the plan sponsor turns over to us control of investment decisions and transfers the liability for selection and monitoring of investments. The plan sponsor retains the responsibility to make sure service providers, including Fidelis, are qualified, and performing as required.