Is Your 3(38) Fiduciary Really Customized?

Many plan level 3(38) investment fiduciary services in the market place simply provide a canned investment menu with no ability for the plan sponsor or advisor to give their input on what may be appropriate for their plan.  Some 3(38) fiduciaries have begun to offer what they consider a customized menu.  However, when you lift the hood of many of those fiduciaries who say they are customized all you typically find is the option to choose one of their predetermined menus.  You typically get to pick a menu with either a small, a medium, or a large number of set investments, and possibly one option containing all index investments.

At Fidelis Fiduciary Management our custom menu offering isn’t merely a list of canned investment menus or short lists to pick from.  Every investment array we create is unique to the plan we created it for.  They are created from scratch after discussing the needs of the plan with the plan sponsor and/or advisor.  Meaning, we start with a blank slate of all available investments and build each unique menu from the ground up.  

“Fidelis is your partner, not a product.”

David M. Montgomery, AIF®, CRPS®

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